The Animal Hospital at Liberty Highway knows that your relationship with your furry friend is what counts.  When your pet is sick or hurt you want to do everything you can to help!  When your pet is well you want to keep him that way! For medical, surgical, dental, or wellness care we are here to diagnose, treat and educate you to have the best possible relationship with your pet.

                                                                                                                             The Holidays are Here !!

It’s the time of year when we are noticing an increase in traffic on Clemson Blvd. and the stores are busy from open to close. We may be feeling a little stressed out with the holidays coming . Our pets can  sense your stress and may start to act up accordingly. We are so busy getting  ready of the holidays that we do not have the extra time to spend with our pets. Take a few minutes out of your busty schedule to go on that much needed walk to provide not only your pet with a little R&R, but you too. Bringing a Christmas  tree in the house can also cause your cat to have a little meltdown. The blinking lights and all the sparkling ornaments can create a lot of stimulation for your cat. Please avoid the icicles if you have a cat, so that you are not spending your holidays at the animal hospital, instead of with family and friends.  Watch that holiday table filled with delicious goodies that can cause your pet to have serious health conditions. The artificial sweetener called xylitol which can be found in a lot of sugar free baked goods, can pose a serious health threat to your pet. Chocolate can also cause serious problems for your cat or dog. Dark chocolate has a lot of caffeine in it , causing an elevation in heart rate and respiration. Make sure to take the trash out after a holiday meal. A turkey carcass left in the trash is an open invitation for your pet to to rip into it like a pack of wolves. Bones and string in the garbage can cause your pet to have to under go emergency surgery. Enjoy the holidays with your pet but use caution when preparing and disposing of holiday food and trash.  






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