The Animal Hospital at Liberty Highway knows that your relationship with your furry friend is what counts.  When your pet is sick or hurt you want to do everything you can to help!  When your pet is well you want to keep him that way! For medical, surgical, dental, or wellness care we are here to diagnose, treat and educate you to have the best possible relationship with your pet.

                                                                                                                             Autum 2019 is Here!!

Fall is in the air and Clemson football is back in full swing with yet another undefeated season so far. Its time to get out and walk your dogs a little bit longer with cooler temps after a long hot summer. Even though temps are cooler do not stop giving heartworm and flea and tick prevention. These pesky critters can cause trouble for your pet even when the temps chill out. They want to get in your house and away from the cold, just as much as your pet does. Fleas can lay dormant for up to 6 months, hiding in your home, lurking in the corners waiting for a delectable host like your cat or dog. Mosquitos are present even during the winter months , so do not let up on giving year round prevention. Alls it takes is one bite from an infected mosquito, and what could only cost dollars to prevent, can now cost several hundred to treat. Enjoy the fall and all that it has to offer, but stay  smart about flea and heartworm prevention!!  We will be closed Thursday November 28th for Thanksgiving and re open Friday November 29th from 10:00am – 4:00pm. Give Thanks to loved ones and make sure that we give thanks to our furry friends too!!









Now Available! Online Access For Your Pets Information!

Introducing the new log in.  Log in above to access your pets medical records, print a pet id card, search health care articles and videos, play with the interactive dog, purchase medicines online and more! For new users, click on the “first time log in” in the box below, or give us a call to make sure we have your current email on file!