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Wellness Care

Complete physical examination with recommended routine bloodwork health checks, heartworm testing, parasite testing and vaccination.


Routine spay and neuter as well as growth (tumor) removal, orthopedic and other common surgical procedures.


We offer full cleaning with ultrasonic scaling and polishing, extractions, periodontal therapy and at home preventive care.


In house and on-line pharmacies for medicine, heartworm prevention, flea and tick prevention, shampoos and other skin care.

Micro Chipping

Recommended as part of spaying or neutering but also available during an outpatient visit.


Complete X-ray services.


Non-invasive testing for internal diseases (abdominal tumors, bladder stones, liver problems) and cardiac disease (heart failure)

Nutritional Counseling

Let us help you keep your pet at healthy weight for the best long term health!


Available at the hospital or online through the pet portal.

Anderson Voices For Animals

We work closely with Anderson Voices to spay/neuter feral cats in the Anderson Area. Please visit their website at http://andersonvoicesforanimals.org/

Pain Management

Especially for older pets with arthritis, pain management options are critical for good quality of life!

The Animal Hospital At Liberty Highway

The Animal Hospital at Liberty Highway knows that your relationship with your furry friend is what counts.  When your pet is sick or hurt you want to do everything you can to help!  When your pet is well you want to keep him that way! For medical, surgical, dental, or wellness care we are here to diagnose, treat and educate you to have the best possible relationship with your pet.

4104 Liberty Highway, Anderson SC, 29621

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