The Animal Hospital at Liberty Highway knows that your relationship with your furry friend is what counts.  When your pet is sick or hurt you want to do everything you can to help!  When your pet is well you want to keep him that way! For medical, surgical, dental, or wellness care we are here to diagnose, treat and educate you to have the best possible relationship with your pet.

Spring is in the air !

It’s that time of year where trees are blooming and all the rain is making grass grow quickly.  Spring  allergies are on the rise and a lot of our four – legged friends suffer from seasonal allergies as well as their owners. We have Apoquel for dogs that are having allergy flare ups this time of year. It is safer to use with less side effects than steroids and we have great results. If you find that giving a tablet every day is hard to do, we also have Cytopoint in an injection form. Give us a call at 226-0025 and we can get your dog started on allergy relief .


Now Available! Online Access For Your Pets Information!

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