The Animal Hospital at Liberty Highway knows that your relationship with your furry friend is what counts.  When your pet is sick or hurt you want to do everything you can to help!  When your pet is well you want to keep him that way! For medical, surgical, dental, or wellness care we are here to diagnose, treat and educate you to have the best possible relationship with your pet.

Spring a Season of Beauty and The Beasts!!

Spring is in the air . Flowers are blooming, trees are sprouting buds . The days are warmer with still a little nip in the air.  With all the beauty that awakens from a gloomy winter slumber, some not so beautiful creatures appear. Seasonal allergies flare up , making a lot of pets miserable and itchy.  Mosquitos emerge to spread heartworms to   unsuspecting cats and dogs. The ever popular flea that can reproduce at rapid rates and sure to be in every household this season. Don’t even  get me started on ticks. The season is beautiful and we all want to enjoy and bask in it’s beauty, but be no fool and protect your pet’s with an arsenal of weapons sure to combat all that threatens the health and well being of our  four legged best friends. Call us today to get the latest most up to date flea, tick and heartworm  prevention for your cat and dog. Let’s kill the Beasts together!!


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